As business consultants, we are engaged in projects that demand intricate decision-making.
The client’s situation may be e.g. one of the following:

  • The selection process of a key person needs to be conducted discreetly
  • There is a need for recruitment outside of Finland or interest in foreign candidates
  • At the initial stages of reorganization, multiple vital staff choices need to be made
  • Negotiations with a candidate for an executive post in a new business sector have fallen through at the last moment
  • A family business initiating a generation change needs an outside opinion in the process of choosing a new manager


As executive search professionals, we only take on assignments which we deem feasible, and all projects are based on a written agreement.

A memorandum is drafted based on the initial briefing that acts as the basis for our search. Details to be worked out include search methods, scheduling, reporting on the progress of the assignment, expense coverage, and invoicing. The persons responsible for the project are named in the document. The outcome of the assignment is monitored, and the terms of guarantee are also detailed in the final agreement.

InterSearch Worldwide oversees the quality of service provided by its partners through the InterSearch Standards and Quality Committee. Practice groups in different fields of business support our consultants in building their specialized knowledge. Internal services provided by the InterSearch Academy, InfoCentre, Expertise Groups, and other international networks enhance our capability to accept and execute demanding international searches.


We also carry out large-scale human resource mappings in the form of management audits. Here, the upper management gains an accurate image of the managerial resources available and their suitability in terms of projected requirements. This information is highly important when drafting plans for organizational changes, internal transfers, leadership training, and future recruitment.


A valid suitability assessment is crucial in the decision-making stage of a personnel selection process. While interviews and references offer a fairly accurate view of the past performance of a candidate, they alone are insufficient to build a reliable achievement projection. Further information on attributes such as personal abilities, motivations, development potential, and stress tolerance is necessary for finding the best person for e.g. an executive position.

Our assessment and reporting tools fulfill all of the requirements of a top-quality personnel assessment. Assessments are always conducted by trained psychologists.


Board member search is a growing form of service. Our clientele consists of both large, listed companies and growth-seeking SMEs. We closely follow the developments related to board member selection, both in Finland and abroad. InterSearch Worldwide regularly carries out extensive Board Practice surveys concerning board work, the results of which are available to clients as well.

Our senior consultants are also experienced in Due Diligence reviews, which are used during mergers and acquisitions to assess the managerial resources of the target company or business unit.

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