Global Reach. Local Impact.

InterSearch provides clients with access to exceptional candidates almost anywhere across the globe and prides itself on having the best local firms, as each member firm is carefully selected after a rigorous selection process. Our extensive global network is firmly established and has depth of local experience in each individual market.

InterSearch Worldwide provides its consultants with support and develops professional methodology, such as:

  • InterSearch Academy

    Arranges training and establishes contacts between colleagues from different countries

  • Standards and Quality Committee (SQC)

    Maintains an exclusive, internal system for standardizing working processes, guiding and supervising the member companies

  • Centers of Expertise system

    Maintains and develops specialized recruitment expertise in different industries

  • Key Account Client Agreement practice

    Offers administrative and financial advantages for large, multinational customers

  • InfoCentre

    Supports organization-wide utilization of information exchange


According to our core principles, InterSearch consultants:

  • Understand the client’s requirements and adjusts his or her bids and actions according to the client’s circumstances
  • Diligently adheres to the terms of the contract while following accepted ethical guidelines and practices
  • Is punctual in adhering to the agreed-upon schedule
  • Maintains frequent contact with both the client and the candidates, according to situational requirements
  • Manages sensitive information with the utmost confidentiality
  • Acts as a trusted representative of the client throughout all stages of the project: this principle is seen in the level of the consultant’s competence and know-how as well as in the style of presentations
  • Reliably assesses candidates’ achievements and abilities by systematically employing both professional experience and scientifically accepted assessment tools
  • Follows up on the performance of selected candidates, taking full responsibility for the results of the project.
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