Our Consultants

Business model:

Trust has to be earned. Our service model remains successful after having been tried and tested in cyclical fluctuations for almost 30 years.

Juhani Konu – Managing Partner, M.A. (Psych) & M.Sc. (Econ)


Managing Partner

Juhani has more than two decades’ experience working in the field of search and selection. He has extensive experience in executive search projects and demanding personnel assessments. Juhani has Master’s degrees in both Economics and Psychology. He joined InterSearch in 1996 and became a partner in 2006. He is especially experienced in Consumer Products (FMCG) and the Manufacturing and Service businesses, and he is also an active member of various professional associations and business clubs.

Juhani has extensive knowledge of business in Russia and East Asia. He speaks Finnish, English and Swedish fluently. As an athlete, Juhani enjoys hiking, preferably in the Alps, and cross-country skiing in Lapland.

A managing director’s expectation:

A clear strategy and a well-functioning board are important prerequisites for the success of every executive.

Jouni Riekki – Chairman of the Board


Senior Partner

Jouni is the founder of InterSearch in Finland and currently the Chairman of the Board. He also has ten years of experience in Human Resource Management in Technology. Jouni has profound knowledge and experience in various industries, from Engineering and Construction to Media & Entertainment and Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Over the years, he has been in positions of trust in InterSearch Worldwide, for instance in the Standards and Quality Committee. Jouni has a Bachelor’s degree in Labor Policy and he works in Finnish, Swedish and English. In the summertime, Jouni enjoys boating and the archipelago. He is also an enthusiastic fine arts collector.

Checking facts:

In the job market, the active crafting of images can create inaccurate expectations. The employer image and employee profile must be based on facts. At the core of a consultant’s job is acting as a fact-checker during the negotiation process.

Marko Kallio



Marko is an expert in executive search and in-depth psychological personnel assessments. He came to know Intersearch as a company already during his studies, and currently is a partner at Intersearch. Prior to his career in consulting, he spent 10 years working in the paper industry, as an HR and ICT Director. Before this, he worked in public sector employment services management for several years, and as an HR expert in the electronics industry. Marko completed his master’s degree in psychology at the University of Turku. Later, he has supplemented his studies with the leadership program of the Robert Kennedy College, and by completing the ABM (Approved Board Member) training program of the Finland Chamber of Commerce.

His most important free-time activity is the Japanese martial art, judo, which is based on the balance and control of technique, mind, and body.

The time perspective in recruitment decisions:

“The main focus in personnel selection must be in the future, without forgetting the present and the past.”

Oscar Damén – Consultant, M.A. (Psych)



Oscar Damén specializes in the recruitment of experts and in assessments requiring psychological expertise. He completed his Master’s degree in psychology at Åbo Akademi in Turku. While on a student exchange program at the University of Nebraska in the USA, Oscar supplemented his knowledge in industrial and organizational psychology. He has a special interest in the science of decision making, and for his master’s thesis, he developed two psychological tests.